Repairing Downtowns with Kennedy Lawson Smith

As we approach Halloween, I'm reminded that there are few things spookier than a dead mall. My family's got one in their town. I have memories of that place bustling with colors and activity when I was a kid - the shop with ridiculously large decorated cookies on display, PacSun with its racks of sunglasses so incongruous with … Continue reading Repairing Downtowns with Kennedy Lawson Smith

Movie Review: Waste Land

Before artist Vik Muniz travels to Rio de Janeiro to work on a new project at one of the world’s largest landfills, he expects to find a rough crowd working there, drug addicts surely. His wife, supportive but visibly anxious about the idea, asks him pointed questions. “This is the end of the line,” he … Continue reading Movie Review: Waste Land

Waste Economies

Trash pickers provide an enormous service to poor communities. They take the burden off more formal waste management systems by reducing the amount of trash and the need to transport it, and putting valuable materials back into use. Of course, it's also a dangerous job if you're unearthing sharp metals and biohazards and dodging heavy … Continue reading Waste Economies