Q&A with Landscape Architecture Graduate Lacey Doucet

So many of the people I met in my college years have gone onto do really interesting things in the environmental field. As a fellow "humanities" environmentalist (we were the ones painting and writing nature while the scientists that made up the bulk of our environmental institute were pulling critters from rivers and looking through … Continue reading Q&A with Landscape Architecture Graduate Lacey Doucet

The Hermit Thrush

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has a wonderful collection of landscape paintings. Some are huge and majestic with towering waterfalls and rocky cliffs. Others, like Thomas Wilmer Dewing's The Hermit Thrush (1890) bring out nature's subtlety. I love that the women are so absorbed in their surroundings that they physically melt right into the field they're standing in. Of course, … Continue reading The Hermit Thrush