Protesting Nuclear in Japan

Energy Shift Parade in Shibuya by SandoCap

It’s heartening to see large anti-nuclear protests breaking out in Japan after the Fukushima disaster. It’s as if people are drawing a line in the sand between what those in power tell us is a reasonable risk and the very fundamental things that allow us to live on this planet. This from The New York Times:

“I’m here for my children,” said Aki Ishii, who had her 3-year-old daughter in tow. “We just want our old life back, where the water is safe and the air is clean.” Her daughter wore a sign that said “Please let me play outside again.”       
Hiromasa Fujimoto, a rice and vegetable farmer, said it was his first protest, too. “I want to tell people that I’m just so worried about the soil, about the water,” he said. “I now farm with a Geiger counter in one hand, my tools in the other.”       
“It’s insane,” he added.

Meanwhile, NOVA’s recent program Power Surge explains that China plans to build 400 nuclear reactors over the next 30 years. Yes, you heard correctly: 400 reactors.  One can only hope that the plants will have more structural integrity than all those schools in Sichuan that collapsed during the 2008 earthquake there. NOVA’s producers aren’t worried though. They’re all “rah rah rah” about nuclear:

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

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